libra will rarely divulge the depth of loneliness they feel, the alienation between themselves and their friends, the echoes of conversations that keep them awake at night or the endless inner chaos that seems to have no solution. sometimes librans just feel they get in the way, or people having a genuine bad day are personally agitated at them

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i just had to stop what i was typing. pause. and reflect on the fact that the internet is public and there would be a high possibility that a vast majority of the people on here would classify me as neurotic. 

I’m convinced that my professor is trying to get across that he wants me to go on a date with a guy in my class. 

When i graduate college in 2016, I’m going to join Teach For America. If they don’t accept me, I’ll join the Peace Corps and then when I come home from the Peace Corps, I’ll reapply for Teach For America. Either way, I’ll be doing community service for the next four years and if I like it enough, I’ll just do it the rest of my life.